Excerpts from trip stories

Luxurious trip

Saturday morning the sun was shining on a cloud fre sky when we met in the train that was going towards Helsingør. The weather forecast promised clear skies and wind, and a rainy Sunday. Apparantly, the meteorologist were not aware of the six members of The Students Hikingclub, who were on their way to Hallandsåsen, in the south of Sweden. Otherwise they would have promised single clouds, sun and starry nights. Because that is the way the weather always like, when The Students Hiking Club go on Easter trip in Skåne!

Lars Misser and Rune Kristensen


Saltholm is an Island and a nature reserve off the coast of Copenhagen. The only real path on the island is the gravel road that goes from the quay to the south located Saltholm Batteri. Therefore, we had to follow anything that could help us navigate, like small hills, areas with trees, and the windmill at Hollænderbrønd.

Kåre Jakobsen and Simon Hayman

To the summits of Jotunheimen

After a one week glacier course at the Jostedalsbræen (the largest glacier in Norway), we headed towards Jotunheimen (the most alpine area in Norway), where we were to meet up with Kåre and ascent a couple of 2000m peaks.

Jesper Milan Nielsen

About us

The Students Hiking Club is an organisation created for and by young people and students with the common interest for the outdoor. The activities are adapted for the student's conditions. That means cheap trips that are synchronized with the university calender.

From member to member

The basic idea is that the trips are created by the members. All members have the opportunity to get their inner wish come true. The planning and arrangment of a trip is done together with all the participants for the upcoming trip, out of a members initiative posted on the home page. Advanced and beginners all enjoy the beauty of the nature, and together we teach eachother, develop our skills and get inspiration.

Club Evenings and home page

The contact between members is linked by Club Evenings and the home page. The Club Evenings are held approximately once a month and sometimes with different themes. Photos frome various trips are shown or an experienced member comes by to give information about trips. The Club Evenings are posted under Calendar on the home page. The home page contains a Calender where all upcoming trips and ideas are posted, photo gallery, list of members and more.

Do you want to hike with us?

To become a member, just fill out the membership form down below, or contact the person in charge of members. You are welcome to join one hike/arrangement before you decide to get membership. Around the semesterstart, an introductory meeting with photos are held for new members and interested. Non-students must be under 36. The mebership fee is 80 kr. for students and 120 kr. for others.

To become a member, fill out the registration (Sorry, but it's in Danish)

For more information, write to info@vandreklub.dk

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